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Not bad of an attempt, but next time add more frequent frames and less extreme movements to make more smooth of animation.

scatman2 responds:

Okie dokie! Thanks for letting US know what to improve!


I like the style. Which cartoon studio would you say is your biggest inspiration? Warner Brothers? Disney? Hanna Barbera?

Emanhattan responds:

Probably Cartoon network! But I like all of those they all have their merits and strengths

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It looks like you put some degree of effort into this game. Here are a few ways you could make this game better:

1. Make it more difficult - The game was overall too easy and got really boring after a minute of playing. Add a difficulty curve where it starts out easy and then over time gets harder. To trip up the player, consider alternating between easy/easier and challenging to keep the players on their toes. Consider adding a penalty for missing a coin or make it so you can only collect a coin within the top area of the player character so they can miss the coin.

2. The controls need to be worked on - It was sluggish. Make it so it works much more reliable with the mouse and it doesn't feel like it's dragging through tar or some other really thick goop to move the player.

3. Add some variety to the game - There's three or so coin types and just one enemy. Add variety to them. Make other types of enemies, give them different movement patterns so you have to think up strategy for the game. Maybe have each coin give different points or move at different speeds to break up the repetition.

4. Make it unique - This looks like something from a tutorial of how to make a game. Add some music to it, give it better backgrounds than a plain single color. Mix it up and bit, don't be afraid to look different from other games.

Anyways. That's just my 0.2 cents on how this game could be better because there is potential to make it much better.

BoiledCarrot responds:

ye, i made this game in about 20 seconds. i know its trash. i will update it

also, you can use the arrows to move to, ya know.

Controls are a little funky. But upon getting used to them, the game is fun and challenging to play. Would recommend.

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Finally, she's doing what she should have done a long time ago. I like this.

They look like the animaniacs. Yakko, wakko, and their sister dot. It probably wasn't the intention, but these two still remind me of them. Good job anyways.

FanaMation responds:

lol, thank you

Thank you for drawing actual limbs rather than noodle arms like the show does.

I work hard every day to be a better animator and artist.


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